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Default Kitfox 4 Plans

I purchased a Kitfox 4 which was flipped w/ damage to the frame. I am looking for a complete set of plans to replace parts and measurements to straighten the frame at the firewall. It has minor damage, it was flipped at 10 mph.
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Default Re: Kitfox 4 Plans

I doubt you'll locate plans since there weren't any ever published (to my knowledge). Forum members can provide measurements if requested. Some good photos of the damage may help to get the ball rolling.
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Default Re: Kitfox 4 Plans

Check with Kitfox Aircraft. They may be able to still get you a model 4 manual.

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Default Re: Kitfox 4 Plans

The damage is minor, most of the kinks have been pulled out. I am concerned if the firewall/engine is setting correctly on the frame.
The plane was flipped @10 mph which damaged some framing. The prop was trashed, prop is a Maplewood 72/57. Any info will be very helpful.
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Default Re: Kitfox 4 Plans

Any available plans won't help. There are no "plans" so to speak. What you get from the factory is a jig welded air frame that is assembled to the associated parts with a complete set of assembly instructions.

Your best bet is to check another Model IV and do some measurements. That being said, there is no thrust offset on the Model IV. The leveling points of the airplane is the fuselage bottom between the firewall and the lower carry through tube. When I made my custom engine mount, I used the attached photo to determine thrust line. It is a composite of an airplane that was at the Desert Fox Fly-in as I was working on my design.

To get the airplane exactly level, I Photoshopped the photo by drawing a vertical line using the line tool, then rotated the image so the prop tips were exactly on the vertical line. Then a horizontal line through the tip of the spinner gave the vertical location of the thrust line. The horizontal orientation was simply squaring up everything in that plane to the firewall. By measuring certain of the dimensions from the picture and creating a ratio to real life dimensions you should be able to get a pretty good idea of where you are. You can see from the picture, that the thrust line is virtually parallel to the lower door sill and the bottom of the fuselage.
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