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Default woodcomp

Does anyone have experience with Woodcomp propellors?

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Default Re: woodcomp

I know of a couple of guys who have them on Allegro aircraft.

Very pretty, very light, very smooth running on the front of the 912ULs.
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Default Re: woodcomp

They are highly regarded in the UK.
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Default Re: woodcomp

I just acquired an Aeropro CZ Aerotrek A240 project w/ a Woodcomp 1680mm SR 200 GA prop, and it sure is a thing of beauty compared to the Warp on my KF. I have no personal experience with it yet but the prior owner who replaced the oem FITI ECO prop was very pleased with the swap. Many of the Euro built SLSA's including Piper's Sport Cruiser use Woodcomp props, which says something positive about quality IMHO, although they are pretty pricey on this side of the pond.
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Default Re: woodcomp

Hi Erik yes I have the in flight varia two blade woodcomp prop and will vouch its great, 80 hp rotax airborne two up 7sec. Smidge under 5800 rpm fully fine and 25in manifold pressure and 5000 rpm gives me 90kts in cruise bog standard mk4 1050lb machine with speedster wing and top and bottom false ribs. Variable pitch by turning a small crank handle. Another mk4 1200lb machine with full length wings gets similar performance all-though he has balloon tyres that knock a few knots off, it's smooth and vibration free, Excellent choice you will love the difference, aye a bit expensive compared too some but worth every nickel happy flying mike ps pictures of my machine G-FOXF
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