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Default Crosswinds & Turbulence

Two quick questions:

1. How does the Kitfox do in crosswinds?

2. How does it handle turbulence? How would you compare it to being in a Cessena 172?

Thanks in advance!

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Default Re: Crosswinds & Turbulence

My Kitfox 4 bounces like a cork in turbulence. A Cessna 172 it is not ! Crosswinds can be a chore also. It is a very light airplane and should be treated as such in strong winds and rough weather.
My prior airplane was a Piper Pacer. It handled those conditions MUCH better, but then of course it had a higher wing loading.
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Default Re: Crosswinds & Turbulence


Yes it bounces around abit. I live north of you in Lethbridge,AB. I think our weather is similar. We dont get to many days that are not windy to some degree. Flew yesterday and the wind sock was straight out, Im guess 15-20 mph. But my comfort level has increased over the years and so has my ability to handle the cross wind. Four years ago I would not even have pull the Fox out of the hanger. I think it handles the cross winds very well considering the light weight of the aircraft. Just have to be on your toes.
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Default Re: Crosswinds & Turbulence

Originally Posted by wannafly View Post
... Just have to be on your toes.
This is literally the best advice. The Kitfox design (all models) are very rudder-active planes. You can not fly one with out good skills with your feet. Flying in wind or turbulence only makes this need more pronounced.
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Default Re: Crosswinds & Turbulence

Good morn just to say hi to a kit fox flyer .a bit of update have my pre cover inspection for Tues by Jerry Mouller from Red Deer.If you hear of 912 ,100 hp for sale around your way please let me know
Rick .
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