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Default Re: Circuit breakers

If you need to know which fuses blow. They make these types of fuses to glow when they blow. Here is the description:

"ATO Smart Glow Fuses are standard indicating fuses that contain an innovative indicator light. The indicator light is within the fuse housing and glows when the fuse is blown, allowing for easy spotting in dark or dim lit fuse boxes. These fuses help with hard-to-find blown fuses, especially those in dimly-lit locations such as dashboard or under the hood of your vehicle. ATO Smart Glow fuses are available in 3-30 amps and each amperage fuse carries standard color coordination."

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Default Re: Circuit breakers

Josh, that looks like a good way of doing things. Simple, light and accessible

Mr Bill, that would be the simplest solution but, again, my OCD can't have things in the panel. I think really I should have a completely blank panel and everything just projected onto glasses. I'll change frequencies by thought transfer. Mind you, I got to fly an M600 today with the Garmin 3000 system in it.....I could be convinced to have certain panels

Ralph, I will definitely look into those. The fuse boxes I've bought do have little blown fuse LEDs in them but you can never have enough gadgets.
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Default Re: Circuit breakers

Yes, my fuses light up when they blow, but so far nothing has blown.
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