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Default Re: KF SS7 Ready to Fly

Thank you all for comments and best wishes on the 1st flt. I'll answer some of the questions from the post's thread.

Steve, yes it's a Rotax 914. My wife made the decision to purchase the 914 back in the days so we have margin to get over the high terrain here in NM. My wife is very wise.

We used the Poly Fiber that came with our kit. We took the class at Oshkosh, and actually it was a great deal of fun skinning the plane...even the razor back (perhaps the hardest part). I posted a suggestion early on for doing it in one piece.

We used PPG Aerospace paint. The white background is to help keep the KF cooler in our warm climate in the SW, and it helps to highlight the design. We used Gene Kear Aircraft Refinishing in Colorado Springs. His shop was at Meadow Lake Airport. Useful info for KF builders in CO, and nearby.

We purchased the Advanced Flight Systems 5600 through John and Debra. Its a computer so we have ASI, ALT steam gauges and a clock for back up on the co-Pilot side just in case the AFS goes out. I HAD a vertical compass installed, but after spending a day trying to calibrate with the little ball kit (too much cockpit magnetism/steel), I finally replaced it with another electronic compass with its magnetometer mounted out in the right wing tip. It's wired so that if the engine is running - its remains ON. I also installed a separate antenna underneath the fuselage with a coax cable that runs to a BNC on the panel and increases the range/reception for our handheld backup radio.

We designed the panel with these features and ergonomics. I've included a picture below as requested. I'll continue to monitor the thread if anyone else has questions, and will post something after 1st flight.
Regards to all,
KF N104Y
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Default Re: KF SS7 Ready to Fly

Thank you for the photos Bob, it always nice to see how others have laid out their panels.
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Default Re: KF SS7 Ready to Fly

That's a beautiful plane Bob. Can't wait to hear about the first flight.
Phil Nelson
A&P-IA, Maintenance Instructor
KF 5, Continental IO-240
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