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Default wing location

Ok, I'm not sure if I have a problem or not. I am building a SS7 with factory built wings. When I put them on the fuselage with the lift strut and rear spar bolt through the top of the rear spar in preparation for rigging I noticed the vertical centerline of the front spar doesn't seem to line up with the centerline of the front attachment lug. The vertical centerline seems to be about 1/8" to 3/16" further forward. Would this be normal? When I measured center to center of the attachment lugs it was 27 7/16". The spar distance is 27 9/16". Guess I'll be calling John on Monday but any insight would be appreciated.
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Default Re: wing location

If Iím understanding you correctly, this is normal. Once you rig everything up, installing the number one ribs holds the spar in the correct place.
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t j
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Default Re: wing location

Both spars flex pretty easily before the root rib is bonded in place.

Hold the number 1 rib...the root place. Push back on the root end of the front spar until both rear and front spar are tight against the rib. Then check to see if it will line up closer to the center line.
Tom Jones
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Default Re: wing location

How about some pictures of what you are experiencing. I elected to forego the prerigged wing option and will most likely have some questions.

Last night, I searched YouTube to see if anyone had a video up of the wing rigging process, but there was nothing that I could find.

Ironically, I was getting on the forum to see if there was any info on wing rigging this morning, and this thread was at the top of the list.

Have you solved your dilemma yet? If so, what did you do?
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Default Re: wing location

You need to take off material from the #1 rib to make the spar line up. Doesn't say it in the manual, but that is what kitfox says.
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Default Re: wing location

I built my own wings and when I first fitted them up to the fuselage for initial rigging, I was off centreline by a maximum of 1/8" on the front spar on each side. TJ is right, until you get the #1 rib installed, the spars flex. I wasn't over worried about it. The #1 rib was installed after I drilled off the wing/fuse attachment (and that's even when clamping #1 rib per the manual) and I'm still off centre by about 1/8". Not concerned. Final rigging for sweep, dihedral and twist is bang on, although I've put a tad more twist than the recommended manual 1 degree.
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