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Default Ignition module mounting on a 912

Hi guys, I'm trying to get this new to me 912 engine up and running. The ignitions were somewhat disassembled when I got it, and I'm trying to sort it out. The manifolds are reversed, so the book is of no help. I have the 912 engine section of the Kitfox classic IV builder's manual, but the drawing on the page I need is blanked out. That drawing is Figure L-3 ignition module mounting on page 69 of section L. Electrical system installation. If someone could send me that page I would appreciate it. I bought this section from Kitfox originally, don't know why that page is blanked out, but it is. Also, if anyone has some pictures showing how they mounted the modules on the firewall or elsewhere, I would like to see them. I did look at a few pictures you posted Lowell, but wasn't able to see how you made the mount. Thanks, JImChuk
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Default Re: Ignition module mounting on a 912

Jim, Im sure you have seen Lowells stuff. If he makes a mount, he doesn't just build a mount. He creates some masterpiece that only exceptionally talented people can do. well, maybe you could reproduce stuff that well but I sure would have a rough go at it.
Eddie Forward
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Guy Buchanan
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Default Re: Ignition module mounting on a 912

I've attached two pictures of my previous installation, one with modules installed and one without. The without has horns of the right upper dynafocal mount that pick up the two rubber shock mounts on the stock ignition assembly. The rear mount is for a single vertical shock mount and is a flat plate welded into the area between the mount bars.

The second photo shows them mounted, not very well but it's the best photo I've got. You can just see the two forward shock mounts.

I liked this setup but I had to put heat shield on the modules because I think the hot oil tank may have cooked one, even though the Bullyhawk had an external thermometer that never indicated high. Other than that the placement was very convenient and used all the stock wiring.
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Guy Buchanan
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Default Re: Ignition module mounting on a 912

Thanks for the info guys, I did get them mounted yesterday. I may modify what I have, but I'm mostly just trying to sort out getting this engine running on a test stand for now, and will re-evaluate things before I mount it in the plane. Thanks, JImChuk
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Default Re: Ignition module mounting on a 912

The first Model IV had the factory designed mount with the Stainless Steel stand-offs. The talk then was of the individual wires exiting the modules having a tendency to break with engine vibration. I compensated for that by making a U shaped piece of sheet aluminum and riveting a channel to that that I could then bind the exiting wires too. No problems in 900 hours - except a broken SS support arm. Replaced it with 4130 steel.

N96KL Ignition Module 1.jpg
N96KL Ignition Module 2.jpg

The second IV had the modules mounted to the stationary section of the engine mount, but I still put a support structure to keep the wires exiting the modules from vibrating.

N338S Ignition Module 1.jpg
N338S Ignition Module 2.jpg
Lowell Fitt
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