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Default Re: First, Build a Shed

I needed a refresher on the Beech Staggerwing rib lacing knot. There are a few videos on YouTube but Wendy Pemberton has a nicely done demo. Ignore her NESW signs and just watch her tie the knot.

One tip not mentioned. After traveling to the next hole along the rib, you'll pull the cord tight to help bury the just finished knot. Be careful to pull with your hand near the surface of the wing rather than raised above it. Pulling up risks having the cord rip the fabric in a neat line right along the rib to the previous knot.

On most ribs I ran the dual 1/2" nylon reinforcing tape as a complete wrap of the wing from top trailing edge to bottom trailing edge. The tape stops short on ribs with the flaperon hinges. On rib #2, I followed the complete wrap pattern for appearance. Just before completing taping of the second wing I ran out of reinforcing tape. Didn't help that there was an ugly, sewn splice in the middle of the spool.

Big public thanks to Eddie Forward who had spare tape and immediately dropped the needed length in the mail. Nice group of people we have around here!

Step 1 of the Staggerwing Knot
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Carl Strange
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