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Speedster 7
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Default Thanks Steve

Back on the air as Speedster 7 thanks to DesertFox4...thanks Steve for the help!
Iíve got my password in a safe place, Iíll try not to forget it this time .
All I have to do is figure out how to maneuver myself around the website. My name is Larry Spear a rookie at building airplanes! Iíve been working on my S7 speedster since April when I took delivery at the factory in Homedale. itís been a real learning experience, sometimes very frustrating... One thing I have learned is patients. After retiring from the airlines in 2014, I decided it was time to build an airplane. Building and flying are two very separate endeavors, The former characterizes frustration on my part anyway and the latter characterizes enjoying what youíre doing and having fun while youíre doing it. Anyway looking forward to getting to know some of you atTeamKitfox. Iím sure Iíll have plenty of questions for you experienced builders of airplanes.
Larry Spear, AKA...Speedster 7

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Default Re: Thanks Steve

Happy to assist Larry and welcome. Enjoy the Speedster build.

Building 7 Super Sport
912 ULS Tri-gear
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Default Re: Thanks Steve

Welcome, Larry. You're gonna LOVE that Speedster! Sounds like there's some similarity in our backgrounds. I'm retired 2010 QX and built a 7SS 4 1/2 years ago. I built it for something to do and had no idea how much FUN it would be to fly. You are in one of the most beautiful areas of WA. Is there a strip near Kettle Falls you'll be using? I'm at Desert Aire, WA about an hour and a half away. You'll find the answers to any question you might have here. Enjoy the build!
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Speedster 7
Join Date: Oct 2018
Location: Kettle Falls, Wa
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Default Re: Thanks Steve

Thanks Floog, Iím about 30 miles north of Colville Washington (63S)... on 40 acres overlooking Lake Roosevelt, unfortunately putting a strip in my property would be a large undertaking. Iíll be using Colville for my phase 1 flight testing. Iím at the point of mounting the flapperons on the wings, unfortunately I have to move the airplane outside to mount the wings on the fuselage because my shop is not large enough which is a real pain... need to swing the wings so I can mark the root ribs. My wife and 16-year-old son have been Good helpers when needed but it would be nice to have someone with experience around to lend a hand once in awhile too. Looking forward to the flying part, like you said, itíll be a lot of fun. I have quite a bit of tail wheel time...did a lot of ag-flying back in the 70ís before I got hired by the airlines and owned a Cessna 140, but thatís been 30+ years ago. Take care Floog, thanks for the welcome! Speedster 7
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Default Re: Thanks Steve

I'm just a few miles north of you Speedster 7

wouldn't mind checking out your build, I'm thinking about doing one myself.

sending PM
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