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Default Bug or setting?

I am not sure if this is the right place to post this and I am new here, so please let me know if this belongs elsewhere.

When I am at the main forum level, I get a view like I see in many other forums I participate in, mostly motorcycle related. However, when I go to the general discussion forum, the page width goes to something extremely wide and I have to zoom in my ipad to read anything. Is this a setting I need to change? Or something funky in the forum itself? I have not see this with any other forum I use.

I tried to attach screenshots showing what I am seeing, but got a message that my ipad screenshots are too large to upload and I am not sure how to save them to a smaller size on the ipad.
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Default Re: Bug or setting?

Matt, welcome aboard.
You can adjust how your display looks. The general discussion page is the largest section of so it will try to display all posts since 2008 until you make a change in your display preference. Here’s how to do that.

1. Almost at the top of every page is a blue task bar. On the left end of that bar is a label called “ User CP”. That is your gateway to your user options.

2. Click on “User CP”. A new menu will open. Scroll down to the section box labeled “Settings and Options”. Click on the choice labeled “Edit Options”.
A large menu will open. Scroll down to the option box labeled “Thread Display Options”. At the very bottom of that menu box is where you will make a change.

3. Open the white drop down menu box and change the setting from “Use Forum Default” setting to one of your choice. I set mine to one year of displays but that can be too large also on a small device screen so yo may want to chose 75 days of past posts to display on your screen.

4. After choosing a display limit, remember to “Save Settings” down at the bottom of that page.
Hope this helps.

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Default Re: Bug or setting?

Good info, it may already be there, but if not could you repost this info in the "sticky" section at the top under some topic like, customizing your viewing, or something to that effect.

I had contemplating a reply with directions, but could not remember the process I went through when I edited my preferences.

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Default Re: Bug or setting?

Thanks! I was aware of the edit options, but I wasn’t sure which option controlled this. I will try 100 days and experiment from there as needed.
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