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Default Re: NR Headsets

I don't think the 20-3G or the 30-3G are sold anymore. I purchased mine before the Zulu series was introduced. You may be able to find a set on ebay. They are much bulkier than the Zulu but for my wore out ear they worked great. I still have my 20-3G and it is my spare for a passenger. I have thought of sending it in for the "upgrade" program but since they work fine I haven't done it yet.
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Default Re: NR Headsets

The internal noise in my Kitfox IV is to me, unreal. My Bose tames it down immesurably.
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Default Re: NR Headsets

Originally Posted by jiott View Post
What is a 20-3G? I don't see it anywhere on the Lightspeed website.

Give us a call.. We are dealers for both Light Speed and Bose and have both in our demo aircraft. Both are great headsets.
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