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Default KOTM program

Welcome to the Kitfox of the month (KOTM) forum. Each month a different Kitfox will be featured for the rest of us to admire, and the KOTM entry will stay in the archives indefinitely.

There are only two eligibility requirements to be featured as KOTM:
1) Your Kitfox must be flying (doesn't matter whether you built it or bought it).
2) You must be a registered user.

KOTM threads can only be posted by the Administrator, but any registered user can post a reply to a KOTM thread.

To submit your Kitfox for KOTM just send an e-mail to including the following information...

Name & username:
Kitfox model/series:
Engine & prop:
Date started, date completed: (build time)
Story of your Kitfox: Tell us about your Kitfox, the more the better. How much time you have on it, any mods you've made to it, and any performance numbers. Be sure and include info on the build experience, info on flying it including performance numbers, and operating or maintenance tips you might have for other Kitfoxers.
Pictures: The most important part! Send photos showing the plane from the outside, a panel/cockpit shot, in flight photos if available and a shot of you with your plane if possible.

Don't be shy, we'd all love to read about your plane!

Building 7 Super Sport
912 ULS Tri-gear
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