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Default Re: ADS-B (in) and Transponder Antennae

Not sure this is entirely relevant, but I'm not sure that antenna location is
really that critical (I might be wrong). I have my little home brew stratux with
it's antenna located between my instrument panel, and firewall in amongst
all the wiring - Works great. This started as an experiment, BUT I receive with
zero problems .... So I have just kept it there.

Likely once I get my uavionix, I'll mount it inside a wingtip since there's
a lot of space out there, and it's clear of other stuff.

My airplane already looks like a porcupine with dual navcom, gps, transponder,
elt, gs, and marker antenna's so I kind of need to use the wingtip. My
bottom cowling has a glassed in dipole glideslope antenna in it, so that's
a possible location a person could put an antenna

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