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Default Whirlwind for sale?

If anyone has a 70 Whirlwind and or spinner they want to sell let me know.
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herman pahls
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Location: coquille oregon
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Default Re: Whirlwind for sale?

I have a Whirlwind 75" three blade with spinner for sale.
Currently on my Kitfox with 100 HP 912, approx. 40 hours since new.
Also have a 70" Warp three blade with spinner and approx 300 hours.
I am going with a 72" two blade Luga if I spelled Luga correctly

Herman Pahls
Coquille, Oregon
541 404 6464 cell
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Default Re: Whirlwind for sale?

I have a 70" but unfortunately no spinner as I upgraded to the 75" on my RANS S7 and used it for that prop. I only ran the prop a couple of hours before changing for the 75".

If you are in a hurry, I can't help though as it is packed away and I won't be able to get to it for several weeks, maybe not even until after January.
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Default Re: Whirlwind for sale?

Herman, I sent you a PM. JImChuk
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