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Default Places to Fly in Canada

Esser, I goofed and deleted your post with the link while trying to move it and make it a Sticky. Please reply to this along with that link and I will Stick it at the top.
Sorry for the trouble
Dan B
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Default Re: Places to Fly in Canada

For any of our southern neighbours, this is a website that lists airports to fly to in Canada. It is a user updated website that advises pilots of fuel availability, if there are fees on aircraft, what services are available, and anything else you might need to know. Just check the dates on the information pages because sometimes they can be a little old.

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Default Re: Places to Fly in Canada

Thanks, Esser, good information, as i am planning to fly westward across Canada from Labrador and Newfoundland this summer. Any tips would be appreciated. My goal is to eventually fly to all of the Canadian provinces and territories. I have been to the western ones, and I suspect getting to Nunavut will be quite a challenge, especially on wheels. Has anyone ever landed on St. Pierre Island? I'd like to hear from you.
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