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Dave S
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Default Re: Where I Fly.

Dave T,

Great photo of the gaggle of Kitfoxes The three models look good in formation....So was there a 4th KF taking the photos?

Going to be a while yet til we can see the ground under the white stuff up here!.....Good to be reminded there is open ground out there somewhere!...Looks like I'll be shoveling 8" of "partly cloudy" away from the hangar again tomorrow....


Dave S
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St Paul. MN
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Default Re: Where I Fly.

Not a 4th today. The photo plane is an Aeroprakt A20. Our 4th KF was able to join us today.
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Paul Z
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Default Re: Where I Fly.

Here is where I fly in Garland, the red arrow points to approximately my house. Dallas is in the background.
House Fly Over.jpg

A neighboring Airport in Terrell Texas

I flew over to Canton Texas to look at some Property just north of Canton, here is a Fly-bys.
photo 1-8.jpg

A personal observation, I am not impressed with Dallas, it is entirely too big, nothing but flat land, too many people. I have lived here 30+ years, and have never liked it, but I was able to stay gainfully employed for the entire time, until I finally retired. If I could convince the wife, I would move!
Paul Zimmermann
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Default Re: Where I Fly.

nice Paul,.. I here you about dallas ,.I'm a country boy,..and I can't stand it when the houses are so close to each other that you can lean against one and spit and hit another, my wife is from dallas, she wants to move back there,.I told her I would move to texas,.but about an hour from Dallas by car so I'm looking for land north east of Dallas
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Default Re: Where I Fly.

Really nice spring day the Pacific North West today. Puget sound with Mt Baker in the back ground
Attached Images
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Dan Hatch
Lake Stevens WA
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t j
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Default Re: Where I Fly.

A morning flight yesterday to the Columbia River above the Wanapum Dam. A couple weeks ago someone noticed a bulge in the Spillway. They inspected and found a 2 inch by 65 foot long crack in one of the pillars. The water level was lowered 26 feet and the crack closed up. Now they are doing more inspecting and trying to figure out how to fix it.

Construction started in 1959 and finished and water backed up in 1964. This is the first time in 50 years much of the shore line has been exposed. The officials have closed the entire shore line between Wanapum and Rock Island dams to protect archaeology sites. And for safety. At least one person sank in the mud up to their waste and had to be rescued.

As a kid I spent quite a bit of time along the shore of the river there so was quite interested in seeing what I could see. Kitfox is a fantastic observation and photo platform.

For reference here is a 1954 aerial photo of the old vantage town site and bridge. The dam was built just off the bottom of the picture.

The spillway

Vantage Boat launch. See the stranded sail boat just left of center.

Old vantage town site. See the basement foundation out in the water lower left center.

Close up of the old vantage highway leading to the old bridge. Note the foundations. They have scooped the mud off the old highway and are using it to put launch boats for the divers that are inspecting the dam. All other boat launches are high and dry.

The Gorge at George (Washington). This is the natural amphitheater where rock concerts are held. The stage roof is in the center of the picture.

Crescent Bar.

West Bar. It was created by sediment from the ice age floods. See the ripple marks created from the waves when the fllood water was estimated to be 200 feet deep and flowing 70 mph. The wave crests are about 100 yards apart.

Turned back down stream now. This town was not there last time I went by this spot about 1959 in my Uncle's boat. I didn't know it existed and is not on any highway maps or other maps I can find. On google maps it just says Wanapum.

Cliffs on the west side of the river.The light colored line at water level is
the 26 foot drop in the lake level.
Tom Jones
Classic 4 builder

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Default Re: Where I Fly.

Great snaps Tom,

As a former dam builder, I always find dams interesting.
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Default Re: Where I Fly.

Great photos Tom,
I have played here a lot.
We have a family beach site on this stretch I had seen photos of our waterfront and knew it was way down, but no way thought it was to this extent.
Fix that damn!
I think the city you saw was Sunland Estates
Dan Hatch
Lake Stevens WA
Sold unfinished 7ss Kit
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Default Re: Where I Fly.

went flying today. I found the river to be nice and low. there was an island that looked real nice, so I landed. this is normally under water, nice to have this in my back yard IMG_20140401_103358_904.jpg
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Default Re: Where I Fly.

Nice photo Slyfox. You have a beautiful backyard to play in. Neat submerged Kitfox runway waiting for you there. Just had to get that pesky water out of the way.

Building 7 Super Sport
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