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Default Kitfox of the Month John and Deb McBean

Name & username: John and Debra McBean
City/state: Homedale, ID
Kitfox model/series: Series 7
Engine & prop: Rotax 912S and IVO prop.
Date started, date completed: February, 2002 – October 2, 2003
Story of your Kitfox:

We ordered our Kitfox kit in the Fall of 2001 and took delivery in February of 2002. Originally planned to have a Lycoming O-235 in a tail dragger configuration.. strange how things change. After 500+ hours behind the Rotax 912UL and 912ULS engines flying the factory aircraft my mind was changed to the Rotax. Performance is simply awesome. Debra, also being a pilot, had no desire to learn to fly a tail wheel aircraft at this time. So tri-gear it is. We started building in our small 2 car garage in Meridian, Idaho. I had already sketched the paint and had a panel layout, so the hard work was done, now we just needed to build it. After 18 months, DNA from 3 dogs and a cat N102YB (Ten Two Your Business ) took to the air on October 2, 2003. ‘Yankee Bravo’ was ready for the first flight 3 days earlier but we just had to wait until 10-2. What a great feeling when your dream takes flight. Now another challenge… Phil Laker had started a type club called the Desert Fox Squadron and they had a fly-in scheduled for October 10th just outside of Phoenix, AZ. We needed 40 hours flown off for the phase one fly-off before we could leave for the DFS fly-in in 7 days. We loaded ‘Yankee Bravo’ the morning of 9th and headed south to ThunderRidge, AZ with 39.5 hours on the hobbs. We would meet our 40 hours before we were outside our designated area. Reality set in about 2 hours into the flight that we were flying the aircraft we built on a 779 mile trip to Arizona. Today we have over 700 hours on ‘Yankee Bravo’ with flights all over the US and all over the Idaho back country. ‘Yankee Bravo’ is now in the tail dragger configuration and looking forward to some more off airport fun.

The Kitfox family is remarkable with varying experience and from all walks of life. It’s a lot of fun being part of it.

  • Basic Panel with:
  • Garmin 396 (originally 295)
  • Garmin SL-40 comm
  • Garmin GTX-327 transponder
  • PS Engineering PCD-7100 intercom / CD


Fly Safe !!
John & Debra McBean
Ph 208.337.5111
"The Sky is not the Limit... It's a Playground"
Attached Images
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Building 7 Super Sport
912 ULS Tri-gear
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Default Re: Kitfox of the Month John and Deb McBean

John and Deb.
Congratulations on August's Kitfox of the Month. It's an honor to have 102YB center stage on
Your Model 7 is now one of the most famous and most recognized Kitfox's in Kitfox history joining the deserved ranks with renowned aircraft such as the Denney Aerocraft's Model 1 demonstrator, the beautiful Speedster, the first Vixen and the Kitfox Bi-Plane to name just a few. Its left seat has hosted untold introductory flights to aspiring Kitfox builders. It has adorned many aviation periodicals. It continues to impress aviation journalists with it's stellar performance and outstanding workmanship and has caught the eye of more than one airshow judge as witnessed by some very nice trophies and awards.
It is a truly versatile aircraft in either tri-gear or tail-dragger configuration and delivers its owners aeronautical joy on a daily basis and helps keep them squarely focused on the fun aspects of aircraft manufacturing.
10 2 Your Business is a perfect N-Number for John and Deb. It's the foundation for their business philosophy and they display it with pride.
Here's wishing you both many more happy years with 102YB. Thanks for sharing.


Building 7 Super Sport
912 ULS Tri-gear
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Old 08-08-2009, 02:06 AM   #3
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Default Re: Kitfox of the Month John and Deb McBean

Probably not unlike the stories of many others here, John and Deb's plane was one of the first few Kitfoxes I flew in B-4 taking the plunge and getting a kit. After flying with Steve K (Doc) and Phill L (Papa) here in Phoenix, Wendy and I were in the market for a Kit. After learning of a
KF-IV for sale, I found myself in Idaho taking a peek. John and Deb picked me up from the airport and the next day John was flying me into the back country in ‘Yankee Bravo’... what a blast!
Thanks for that experience John and congratulations on being KOTM...a great flying plane that has already found it's place in Kitfox history.
Dan B
Mesa, AZ
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Default Re: Kitfox of the Month John and Deb McBean

Beautiful plane~!! hmm wonder where John got the idea to build a kitfox? grinz
I like the tail dragger mode better ,..but it looks gr8 as a tricycle geared plane too.
Congrats John & Deb ~!!! on the well deserved KOTM !~!~!

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Default Re: Kitfox of the Month John and Deb McBean

A most famous and influencial plane it is, and yet another example of the flexibility of the Kitfox design. Good move on converting it to taildragger configuration... living proof that it can be done, and how it changes the look and mission profile.

I confess, my favorite configuration is taildragger with the wheelpants, it just seems "right" that way, but then that's the beauty of the Kitfox, each builder can have it his/her own way, and then even change their mind.

Good job John & Deb!
Randy Lervold Admin Emeritus
Day job:
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Red face Re: Kitfox of the Month John and Deb McBean

I too want to say what a GREAT job John & Debra have done on 102YB. I like so many others feel this is as good as it gets. What a beauty. Keep up the great work and congrats on the KOTM honors.
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