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Default Rotax 912 in Model 2?

Hi everyone,
This may be a dumb question...I don't know much about the differences between Kitfox models, but is it possible to fit a Rotax 912 from a model 4 to a model 2?
I'm thinking w&b issues and gross weight issues?

Thanks, Pete
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Default Re: Rotax 912 in Model 2?

Hi Pete,

Iím thinking about putting a 912 in my model 2, this sounds really interesting.

There is this really cool new radial engine Iíve head about and looking at as well.

If I go really crazy might drop a spare io360 in after some structural work I know they lengthened the tail and upgraded the HS & rudder + wings on the S7.

Hoping the brains trust on here has some wisdom for us both.. what a great little aircraft.


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Default Re: Rotax 912 in Model 2?

I have a model I. Dan Denney installed a 912 80hp in it. Still there and working great.
Steve Wilson
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