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Kitfox Guy
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Default Matco 10" Wheels and Tires

I saw this on Barnstormers for those who are contemplating Back Country flying:

MATCO 10" WHEELS AND TIRES $600 AVAILABLE FOR SALE MATCO 8.50 x 10 Wheels and Air-Trac 8.50 x 10 Tires. Almost No Wear on the Tires. These Wheels and Tires were Removed from a Rans S-7LS and were only used for a short period of time. Wheels and Tires look in New Condition. New owner of Aircraft Preferred Smaller Wheels and Tires, $600 for the pair. Located in Central Alabama Contact Cris Tucker, Owner - located Birmingham, AL USA Telephone: 205-529-7009
Michael Meyers
Las Vegas, NV
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