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Default Re: Garmin Panel - trying to figure out all the details

Originally Posted by wannafly View Post
That list is very much what Iím thinking of doing as well. Will you be making your own wire harnesses? Is the extra cost to order them worth it? Wiring scares me and not interested in frying any instruments. Where are you at?
I'm in the same boat for a GTX327 harness. I can buy the components for $60 USD and spend 3 hours making it OK, or I can buy one on ebay made by a pro for $300. It is a big price difference....The wiring should be pretty simple but piece of mind is worth something. It is the last wiring I have to do besides my antenna wiring. One other thing to consider is I want to build my harness to integrate in the future for the GDL88 ADS-B so I can fly in the states. I'm not sure how easy it is to get info on that if I did it myself..
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