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Default Re: I still need float-rigging info


I don't think that installation has anything to do with being a taildragger or a trike gear setup.

I'm guessing the reason for that is because those floats have the spreader bars closer together than most floats. A lot of builders as well as manufacturers don't really know what they are doing when putting floats together, so they put spreader bars too far back, too far forward, too close together, etc, etc.. if you compare the blue airplane to the others, you will notice there is a lot more float forward of the the front speader bar, besides the rear spreader attach being moved forward causing that rear strut to be more vertical. So something is different with those floats than most. At one point I do know the Czech's were building a 1250 that moved the step 6 or 8 inches back to offer more forward buoyancy for the Rans S7 guys, and I know the first sets did not have the spreader bars moved ahead to match the new step location. So I'm guessing those might be a set of those floats?

The Czechs did the same thing on their first set of their CZ 1300 amphibs. They made them initially for a specific airplane that had really closely spaced attach fittings that also were way far forward. They essentially couldn't give those floats away for install on other airplanes until Ken from Harbor sport aviation modified them and redesigned the landing gear so they could easily be mounted and used on other airplanes like the Rans, Kitfox, Highlander, etc. Ironically, after the spreaders and gear were fixed, they became one of the nicest floats out there.
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