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Default Re: I still need float-rigging info

Thanks VERY much for that info, Paul. Just to give you a bit of feedback, I had set my floats up exactly to the 6-foot centerline separation that you suggested, and because my floats are 24" wide, the max of 8 foot that you mention is adhered to. I went with the 6-foot centerline wheel separation that my Grove landing gear gave me, as that looked "about right for float separation." (solid engineering presumption on my part, eh?)

Next, I had rigged up a mock Kitfox lower longeron "frame" and had this spaced 18 inches above the float walkway. I had originally figured that I had to keep the overall height of the tail fin under 120" due to the height of my hangar door. Your dimensions will fit within this parameter. I'll just raise the lower longeron on my mockup. This mockup is just to give me an idea of what the struts and diagonals will look like and allow me start some of the cutting on those parts without having to actually ground the plane so soon. I wouldn't actually build to this mockup, I will just use it for getting the bottoms of the struts and diagonals cut to shape, leaving adequate length for the tops to be cut when the plane is actually hanging over the floats.

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