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I like where you mounted the ADS-B antenna on the bottom of the tail cone. Thinking about doing that also. I did ask the uAvionics people about that location and they didn't see any problem with the sllght angle of the bottom of the tailcone.

Question - do you have the com antenna on the top of the fuselage? And, what kind of ground plane; if any, did you use for the com and ads-b antenna?

I have the transponder TED antenna about the same place you have yours - maybe a little further forward; my only concern with mounting the ADS-B antenna back is the fact that I have the trigear and wondering if the gear would interfere between the two antennas? (Yeah - I already know what everyone will say about the gear location! Thinking it shouldn't matter with the proximity of the two anyway as the signal strength should be good.

Good to hear the report came back solid.
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