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Default Re: 582 expansion tank?

Just about any 1 pint bottle with a small cap would probably work. Run the overflow hose through a hole in the cap and going into the bottle, making sure it gets to about 1" to the bottom. That bottle should vent at the top, a small hole in the cap will do it. As far as the reason, as the coolant expands, it has to go somewhere, so it gets pumped out the overflow hose. The catch bottle catches it, and when it all cools down, the coolant in the engine contracts which makes a vacuum and the extra coolant is sucked back into the system. Pretty much the same thing as happens on cars. JImChuk

PS after writing what seemed like a small book, I reread your question. Maybe I didn't answer your question at all. But what I described is what I've had on 4 Avids and 1 Kitfox. No problems that way
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