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Default Re: A 70hr SS7 report form OZ.

That is still great fuel burn rate! Just under 4 US gallons per hour cruising at 120 mph! That is great, basically getting 30 mpg! How are you liking the FI 912?

I have seriously been thinking lately of getting rid of all the various projects I have, and spending the money on either the 912iS or waiting until the newer 915 (?) comes out. It will be at least several years until I can get to the point of needing an engine so I am in no hurry.

I just guesstimated the 3.6, since I am close to Canada and I have a few gas cans with both measurements on them. I couldn't remember if they are 0.8/0.9 imperial gallons for a 1 US. gallon can.
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